Tech Intersect™ with Prof Tonya M. Evans

Tech Intersect #142: Heather Maio-Smith on Making Knowledge More Accessible Through Video

January 27, 2023 Tonya M. Evans Episode 142
Tech Intersect™ with Prof Tonya M. Evans
Tech Intersect #142: Heather Maio-Smith on Making Knowledge More Accessible Through Video
Show Notes

There is power and potential in reimagining the use of audio and visual technology. It’s proven that we learn almost 91% better when we have the ability to interact and ask questions of the expert we are learning from. This week, episode 142 of the Tech Intersect™ Podcast with Heather Maio-Smith is about making knowledge more accessible through video! 


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Heather Smith is an experiential exhibit designer who has exhibited in Los Angeles, Cuba, and The United Nations. Heather partnered with USC Shoah Foundation on New Dimensions in Testimony to develop a new interview methodology. Heather now serves as the CVO of StoryFile. Heather’s work has been featured on NBC’s The Today Show, The New Yorker, The BBC and on 60 Minutes.

Some of the talking points Heather Maio-Smith and I go over in this episode include:

  • Why we learn better and retain more information when we can ask questions.
  • The power of having access to knowledge in a real human-to-human way.
  • How StoryFile is different than a simple live video.
  • Whether the pandemic helped catapult this experience 
  • The future of conversational video technology.





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