Tech Intersect™ with Prof Tonya M. Evans

Tech Intersect #166: Tom Kemp on Containing Big Tech and Digital Privacy

July 14, 2023 Tonya M. Evans Episode 166
Tech Intersect™ with Prof Tonya M. Evans
Tech Intersect #166: Tom Kemp on Containing Big Tech and Digital Privacy
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Digital privacy and protecting our personal data online is incredibly important, now more than ever. Big Tech companies collecting more and more sensitive information and using it in ways we might not even be aware of. Tom Kemp is here today to talk about what the large corporations are doing with our information, and what we can do to better protect ourselves and future generations as we move into Web3. This week, episode 166 of the Tech Intersect™ Podcast is about containing Big Tech and digital privacy!


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Tom Kemp is a Silicon Valley-based author of the forthcoming book Containing Big Tech: How to Protect Our Civil Rights, Economy, and Democracy, as well as an entrepreneur, investor, and policy advisor. Tom was the Founder and CEO of Centrify, renamed Delinea 2020, a leading cybersecurity cloud provider that amassed over 2000 enterprise customers, including over 60% of the Fortune 50.

Some of the talking points Tom and I go over in this episode include:

  • How data collection by Big Tech companies could be used to affect the future of work via discrimination.
  • What everyday citizens can do to help protect their personal data online.
  • Big Tech’s dominant position stifles entrepreneurship, innovation, and competition.
  • How Big Tech is ‘too big to care’ - instead of ‘too big to fail’

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Tom Kemp on Containing Big Tech and Digital Privacy
What motivated Tom to write a book about Big Tech?
What is the most pressing concern for the future of work and wealth creativity?
What can we do to better protect our data?
What is artificial intelligence and how does it differ from algorithms?
How do we solve this? Legislation.
Big tech’s dominant market position is stifling competition and entrepreneurship.
The problem of monopoly exasperates the problems that I talked about with privacy.
Will we hurt the US economy by regulating big tech?
Big Tech is a pressing issue. There are simple solutions that you can put forth that will significantly reduce the amount