Tech Intersect™ with Prof Tonya M. Evans

Tech Intersect #175: Digital Money Demystified for Leaders, Lawyers, and Advisors

September 18, 2023 Tonya M. Evans Episode 175
Tech Intersect™ with Prof Tonya M. Evans
Tech Intersect #175: Digital Money Demystified for Leaders, Lawyers, and Advisors
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The landscape of business, finance, and law is being changed at an unprecedented rate due to the emergence of Web 3 technologies, crypto assets, and blockchains–all of which have been part of this digital revolution.  Anyone positioned to advise investors or innovators should be educated to pivot into fully embracing and being prepared for the new digital economy. 

These things will impact business leaders, financial professionals, legal professionals, and more. The new digital economy is built on the rails of blockchains, crypto assets, and other Web 3 technologies. It’s essential to catch up and stay current on what’s happening in the space. This week, episode 175 of the Tech Intersect™ Podcast is about digital money demystified for leaders, lawyers and advisors! 


Navigate your way from cash to crypto with Digital Money Demystified. Dive into the definitive guide on crypto myths and truths by Professor Tonya M. Evans. This isn't just a book; it's a roadmap to the decentralized web’s future of work, wealth, and creativity. Head over to and embark on your crypto journey today! 

Topics I go over in this episode include:

  • Why leaders, lawyers, and advisors need a solid knowledge foundation in the new digital economy.
  • Opportunities available to professional leaders to embrace the emerging digital economy.
  • Risks that can and will come along if you don’t have the tools and understanding needed.
  • A look into the Myth Busting Mondays.

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Regulate & The Rabbit Hole by Notty Prod licensed via Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Produced by Tonya M. Evans for Advantage Evans, LLC

Digital Money Demystified for Leaders, Lawyers, and Advisors
Blockchain, crypto assets, and legal implications.
Digital evolution and crypto investing.
Demystifying digital assets and future-proofing finance.
Demystifying crypto investing and education.