Tech Intersect™ with Prof Tonya M. Evans

Tech Intersect #6: Anthony Ware-Helping Founders Balance Mental Health and Wealth

January 24, 2020 Tonya M. Evans Season 1 Episode 7
Tech Intersect™ with Prof Tonya M. Evans
Tech Intersect #6: Anthony Ware-Helping Founders Balance Mental Health and Wealth
Show Notes
In this episode, I chat with entrepreneur and mental health and wealth expert, Anthony Ware. Anthony’s business, Aware Catalysts, focuses on—among other things— a program called Founder Mental Wealth, which helps underestimated and underrepresented entrepreneurs to decrease burnout and improve business outcomes. His mission is to help create a world of new generational wealth: mind, body, spirit, time, and money. 

Anthony shares a lot of wisdom in this episode in addition to his touching origin story and also his important evolution story from his original mindset that money = stuff = happiness to a more grounded focus on how a founder’s emotional well being drives culture and that drives long-term mental and financial wins or challenges. 
Mental and emotional challenges, certainly experienced by all founders, are experienced even more acutely by those who are underrepresented and marginalized. I will drop a link in the full show notes to the report Anthony and I discussed and also provide other resources to support founders in the journey toward mental health and financial freedom. 
We leave you with some lifework. Make a list, make a plan, and then execute that plan by making sure you always pay yourself FIRST. Not just with bank deposits but with mental WEALTH deposits.
Twitter: @TheAnthonyWare
Founder Mental Wealth Report 2019 
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