Tech Intersect™ with Prof Tonya M. Evans

Tech Intersect #87: Lamar Wilson-Black Bitcoin Billionaires and the Great Wealth Transfer

October 19, 2021 Episode 87
Tech Intersect™ with Prof Tonya M. Evans
Tech Intersect #87: Lamar Wilson-Black Bitcoin Billionaires and the Great Wealth Transfer
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In this episode of Tech Intersect, I welcome Lamar Wilson aka BIG MARH to the show. He co-founded the Black Bitcoin Billionaire Club with friend of the show, previous guest and author of Bitcoin and Black America, Isaiah “Bitcoin Zay'' Jackson, BBB is now one of the largest cryptocurrency groups on Clubhouse. The club encourages members to invest in crypto through educational dialogue on Clubhouse and Marh and his amazing team of instructors also share invaluable information on Twitter about how to get your entire Bitcoin and future of money life together.  

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  • Clubhouse and Twitter: @BigMarh


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Black People & Decentralized Finance
Is It Too Late To Get Into The Game?
BTC's Place in the World of Cryptocurrency
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What is BTC's Real Function?
How Does Community Move The Needle?
Bitcoin Can't Be Duplicated
What Is The Lightning Network?
The Real Value of Any Crypto Coin
Your Wallet as a Matter of Self-Sovereignty
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